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I have talked about for some time on my page about my struggles with digestive distress. I always felt like something was off but never could get any answers. I finally was introduced to Dr. Jason Sonners at Core Therapies through a friend who is a current patient of his. He is a NJ based chiropractor/kinesiologist with a more holistic approach to wellness. Like myself, he helps patients, who feel they are not getting the answers they need from traditional medicine, by offering an alternative, integrated and individualized approach to physical, mental and spiritual health.

Dr. Sonners has all of his patients fill out a questionnaire of symptoms you may or may not be suffering from, which actually is sectioned out by each organ in your body. He is able to tell what is going inside your body based on your selections. If it is a specific organ internally impacting you, he can tell based on if your symptoms are all selected under one section.

However, for me, I was scattered all over, which signaled to him that it was something or a few things I was ingesting that was causing this distress. His first step to get an idea of what is going on is looking at your nutrition/food. He had me get extensive blood work, specifically to look at the major food groups, as well as the most common food groups there are intolerances in to see if I had any of them. He also told me that being I was mainly a vegetarian, it was clear by my symptom answers that I was not getting enough protein and fat in my diet.

Since I was comfortable with adding fish/eggs into my diet, he advised I incorporate protein into 2 out of my 3 meals a day. He also gave me vegetarian food combinations I could incorporate into my diet to make a complete protein (i.e. rice and beans). My homework for the few weeks in between getting my results back was to buy fish and eggs, of course from brands I was comfortable supporting), as well as a plant protein powder to put into my smoothies/smoothie bowls for that extra protein boost. Lastly, he had me taking a digestive enzyme after every meal.

This week was my follow up appointment with Dr. Sonners to get the answers I had been longing for. It turns out that I was highly reactive to soy and corn. While my dairy did not come back as reactive, he believed it was a false-positive since I have removed dairy from my diet for so long that my bodies antibodies have built up enough “armor” against it. He also said that while I was not on the high end of the spectrum for wheat, but on the moderate side, he recommended that I avoid it when I can but is not a huge concern for him. Lastly, the test for what we call a “leaky gut” came back on the spectrum as at a moderate level. While I was on my way to a full blow leaky gut problem, I was not there yet, which meant there was hope for me to repair the damage done thus far.

After getting these results, I felt like I finally had proof that I wasn’t going crazy about my symptoms. Dr Sonners recommended the first phase I take to repair my gut was through food. This meant going through my entire kitchen and putting a big X on anything that had any form of soy or corn so I knew that was something I could not consume. I had to now make sure I was reading every ingredient label carefully at the store to make sure no soy or corn was hidden in there.

The next part of this phase was to add two more supplement into my routine to start the healing of my gut. In addition to the food portion, over the next three weeks I will be taking a GI Revive capsule supplement 1/day for the first week, 2/day for the second week, and 3/day for the third week. I will also be drink 1.5 tbsp of a liquid mineral supplement called Restore. These two supplements are to help repair my gut lining as well as restore and rebalance the good bacteria in my gut to ultimately give me optimal gut health!

I cannot stress how good it feels to have answers, a game plan, and just a doctor that hears my struggles and believes them. If you feel that something is off, it probably is. Nobody knows your body better than you do, remember that!

I will continue to share updates as I work on repairing my gut and the improvements I am seeing from this process.

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