Class Review: #MIXXITUP Total Body at CycleMixx


CycleMixx, Jersey City

837 Jersey Avenue , Suite 3, Jersey City, NJ, 07310

Website II Facebook II Instagram

PRICING: $25 Drop-in Class; $25 2-for-1 special


The studio is located at the Cast Iron Lofts. When you walk in you can either use the iPad on the wall to check in or with someone at the front desk. Since I used ClassPass to book, the studio selects a bike for you, but you can always move if you do not like where you are placed.

They offer shoe and heart rate monitor rentals, which is $3 if you use ClassPass to take the class. They sync the heart rate monitor to the bike you are on so you can see your results throughout class, as well as at the end of class. I highly recommend renting the shoes since they are not your typical cycling shoe. They are basically sneakers that have the clips on the bottom, which allows you to do the moves off the bike as well. You can always wear your own sneakers since the bikes have foot slots for you to put your foot in if you choose to not rent their shoes.

When you go into the studio, all you need to do is make sure you have a mat and a set of light/heavy weights at your bike. They already have a set of 5 lbs and 10 lbs set up at your bike but they have a rack in the back of the room with a wide range of weights.


I took the #MIXXITUP Total Body class with Bryanna L. This is a 60 minute class that incorporates songs riding the bike, as well as circuit training on the mat next to your bike. The class is performance focused in the sense that they do give you a range of RPMs and Watts you should be at based on the song. You get to see how you are performing throughout the entire class. Also, if you rent a heart rate monitor from them. you can see your heart range and percent range you are in throughout class.

The class starts off with two songs on the bike and then you clip out to do the strength training. The floor part of this class is three rounds of weighted total body work. Think squats, planks, weighted arm work, abs and more! You will do three rounds of four strength training movements. After you complete the three rounds, you will hop back onto the bike and repeat this on-bike, off-bike series two more times. After you complete your third time doing floor work, you end the class with one class song on the bike.


After class, they will e-mail you your stats from the class to see calories burned, rank in the class, etc. This class is so different than your typical spin class in the best way. You are working the entire time and the on-bike/off-bike circuits make the class go fast, but even better, give you a real total body workout! I will definitely be back!

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