Class Review: Classic Ride at Cycle Bar


CycleBar, Livingston

277 Eisenhower Parkway, Livingston, NJ 07039

Website II Facebook II Instagram

NEW RIDER SPECIALS: $10 first ride; $99 5-pack; $109 unlimited 1st month


This wasn’t my first class at CycleBar but I don’t go often. I normally only go when I am home visiting my mom because she goes pretty much every day. The staff is super welcoming when you walk in, no matter how many times you have been there. There are iPads for you to check yourself in and they have shoes in a cubby waiting for you based on the size you put in your profile. It doesn’t cost extra for the shoes.

They have your name written on a locker for your first ride. They also offer sparking, room temp and chilled water filters for you to refill your water bottle, as well as apples and bananas. There are also staff in the studio to help you set up your bike.


The classic ride is 45 minutes. The class is focused on your resistance, RPMs and power points. Cyclebar classes are generally very performance based. There will be sets of sprint races in the class. I generally do not like the performance focused class as I like to ride to the beat and the music.

However, Jasmine the instructor made it much more beat focused, which I LOVED. She played all Rhianna and Drake and focused on movements all around the bike. I loved that she really focused on us riding to the beat and going with the music. The class also has one song of just arms using a weighted bar towards the end of class.

After class you will receive an email with your class stats and how you ranked over all in the class.


If you like performance based class that is more focused on sprints and pushes, as well as competing against others in class. While this is not typically my style, it is a great class for people who like this style of class!

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