Class Review: Abs, Arms Ass at New York Pilates


New York Pilates, West Village

124 W Houston Street, New York, NY 10012

Website II FacebookII Instagram

$40 per class; discounted packages offered; ClassPass available


The studio is absolutely gorgeous. There is a staff member in the retail space to check you into class. They also have the sweetest studio dog named Hazel that hangs around. There are bathrooms but no showers there. Also, the studio has drawers you can put your stuff in.

They have two separate class spaces, one downstairs and one upstairs, so they are able to offer a lot of classes. 


This was my first pilates reformer class. I had the pleasure of taking the Abs, Arms and Ass with Jennifer Wolfe. I was even luckier to have the founder of New York Pilates, Heather Andersen, in the class. It was super easy to follow along and we worked every muscle. Every movement focuses on your core to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout. The movements are small yet effective.  Jen played great music and kept the energy going, which made class go by fast.


If you want a class that tones your entire body, this is the class to take. While it focuses on your abs, arms, and ass, you will get an all body workout. I left the class feeling like my muscles had been fully worked. This class will not disappoint. I will definitely be back.

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