Class Review: Riding High at Work it Out


Work it Out, Willow

603 Willow Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Website II Facebook II Instagram

$25 per class; New Client Special $39/one unlimited week


The studio has a retail section right when you walk in.  It is colorful and makes you want to just shop around. The next room is part beauty area, in addition to the lockers. The studio has partnered with Woosh Beauty and has it set up as your own beauty room to try all of their products! They offer lockers for you to put away all of your stuff and lock it up while you are in class! The studio has two fitness rooms; one for their spin classes and one for their mat classes.

The studio also has a bathroom area that has showers in case you don’t have time to shower before heading out. The showers have all of the essentials so you do not need to bring anything with you!


For my first class at Work it Out I tried their Riding High class with Christine O’Sullivan. If you have the chance to take her, I highly recommend it. She treats your workout as if it were her own, which means she will challenge your mind, body and soul. This 50 minute high intensity spin class does not disappoint.

While the focus of the class is cardio, you get one song of arms because they need to workout out too! This makes it a full body work out. My legs were shaking at the end of class. The class incorporates fast paced songs, as well as slower music to climb those hills! You ride to the beat in this class and will be dancing all over your bike.

NOTE: You do not need spin shoes to do this class. Their bikes have two sides for you to ride with; one for you to clip in with spin shoes and the other to slip the sneakers you have on into.


I left this class feeling like a bad a$$. I am used to 45 minute spin classes and while 5 extra minutes does not seem like much, it push me past what I thought my limit was in the best way. I will definitely be back for this sweaty dance party on a bike!

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